Volunteer Positions


The focal point of any Credit Union. The teller is the first person to meet Members and potential Members at the desk. They deal with cash transactions and any queries that come in.

Admin Assistant

They support the Management and Admin staff in the day to day running of the credit union, this could be anything from filing paperwork to compiling reports on various aspects of Credit Union life.

Membership Team

They join up new Members, in person, over the phone or online.

Loan Team

Following Rules and Guidelines mandated from our Board in line with PRA & FCA regulations they assess and determine if a loan will suit and be affordable for the Member applying.

Credit Control

This group offer support to those who have hit on a difficult patch in there finances. They can talk through options of how to pay when times are rough.

Internal Audit

This team check and confirm that all systems are operating within the rules and regulations as set down by the PRA & FCA. They ensure that the Credit Union functions in the best interest and security for the Members


The Board are the overall governance of the Credit Union. They plan the direction the business will go in and ensure that the staff and volunteers move in the direction to best suit Members.