Unsecured Loan

Whatever you need a loan for, Ayrshire Credit Union is here to help. Our loan options are affordable and flexible, tailored to your circumstances. We’ll never offer you something you can’t afford, and we also offer free Loan Protection Insurance.

Interest is charged from 1% to 3% per month (12.7% to 42.6% APR) calculated daily on the reducing balance. No hidden fees or early repayment penalties. A Credit Check will be undertaken and detailed income and expenditure gathered. In addition you may need to provide extra information i.e the last 2 months payslips or award letter dated within the last 3 months and last 2 months bank statements.

  • I am over 18
  • I am a Member of Ayrshire Credit Union
  • I am looking to borrow between £100 and £7,500
  • I do not have an undischarged Bankruptcy or Trust Deed
  • I can provide proof of income

Unsecure loan Example

Borrowing Amount£1,000.00
Number of Payments12
Monthly Repayment£105.00
Savings Amount£5.00
Interest Rate (Monthly/Annual/APR)3% / 36% / 42.6%
Total Interest over life of loan£195.57
1) There are no penalties for early repayment after 3 months.
2) Missed Payments will mean additional Interest will accrue
3) Interest is calculated on the daily reducing balance.
4) Savings are mandatory on all loans.
(based on average loan figures YE 21/22)