What is a credit union?

A credit union is a community savings & loans provider that exists to provide financial services to a common group of members – in our case anyone who either lives in Ayrshire or works in Ayrshire. Unlike banks and other commercial finance providers, a credit union does not operate to generate a profit – it exists solely for the benefit of its members.

How much does it cost?

There is a £2 Joining Fee for Adult Membership and there is a Bi-Annual fee of £4. The reason for this fee is due to our increased membership and our movement to digital systems. The digital systems will improve our services where all members will benefit from these upgrades.

Is Ayrshire Credit Union open during Covid?

Yes, Ayrshire Credit Union remains an essential service.

Do you do Joint Accounts?

Due to the no cost Life Savings Insurance on a Credit Union accounts, we are unable to give joint accounts.

How much interest do you pay?

Credit Unions do not pay interest on Savings accounts.  They may pay a dividend at the end of the year, depending on the income made over the course of a year.

How do I pay into my account?

The bank details below are used to pay into your savings & loan as a Standing Order or a Faster payment

Account Name – Ayrshire Credit Union

Ref – Your Member Number

Sort Code – 80-08-53

Account – 10385461

The bank details below are used to have benefits paid into your savings & Loan.  We will provide a confirmation Document for you to send to DWP when required.

Account Name – Ayrshire Credit Union

Ref – Member Number for DWP UC, National Insurance Number for PIP, EESA etc and CHB Number for Child Benefit.

Sort Code – 08-92-99

Account – 69645082

What is a Standing Order

A Standing Order is an agreement between yourself and your bank to make a payment to a third party, in this case your Credit Union account.  We have no control over this and are unable to reschedule or change the amount on it.

If money comes out of my bank today, when will it show on my CU account?

We work a second day banking system.  We do this so that all payments are cleared before we update our system.

If I withdraw money from my Credit Union Account, when will it go into my bank?

The schedule for withdrawals is as follows –

Requests Received between 9 am & 11.30 amPayment from Bank 11.45am to 12.30pm   (Monday – Friday)
Requests Received between 11.30 am & 2.30 pmPayment from Bank 2.45pm to 3pm (Except Wednesday)
Requests Received out of hours  Payment from Bank 11.45am to 12.30pm Next Business Day (Monday – Friday)
On the rare occasion there are issues with our bank or with our system, we will ensure to notify Members on here, on the App and on Facebook.
How do I get a balance on my account?

You can download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

If you don’t have access to these Apps, you can call the office or send a request through our contact page.  The information will then be sent to you as a text.

My credit History is poor can I still get a loan?

Loans are evaluated on your affordability and your current ability to repay.  We do look at your Credit History, but it is not the only thing we take into consideration.

How do I change my details?

Changes to Address/Name/Bank details must be done in person and be accompanied with proof of the change and a signature.

Changes to Contact information can be done over the phone.

Proof of the change of details must be emailed alongside an image of the Member displaying their signature.

What happens to my account if I die?

In the event of your passing, the person named as your next of kin will need to present your death certificate, along with their ID in the office.  We will then organise the paperwork needed to go to the insurance company to claim on your behalf the Life Savings Insurance and Loan Insurance on your account.  It is very important that Next of Kin information is kept up to date.

Do you do Currency Exchange?

We don’t.  The Company who worked from this site previously did, but they are now a part of Ramsden which is at 42 King Street, Kilmarnock.

Where’s CAB

Where is CAB?

To get in contact with Citizens Advice Bureau – East Ayrshire follow the link below