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Due to an update to our systems and the preparation for our new app, the log-in area is no longer available.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

You can request a Text Balance by ā€“

calling the office 01563 555858,


or email admin@ayrshirecreditunion.co.uk.

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4 thoughts on “Log In Area

    1. Good Morning Susan, as stated in the post the online Login is no longer available. If you have an apple or android phone you can download the app. This is available on the Apple Store and on Google Play Store. If you have a mobile number attached to your Member file you can have your balance sent as a text on request via email.

  1. How do you reset your password if you can’t remember it? There doesn’t appear to be any function to do that on the app or on the website now.

    1. To reset your password on the App, you go to “Storage” and click clear. This should take you back to the original 5 box Homepage, from there you simply choose “Already a Member Sign up”. This will take you back through the verify system and allow you to choose either biometric security or a new password.

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