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Membership Benefits

Ayrshire Credit Union is a first class service that enables the community to come together to save and borrow, helping people help themselves

All together we are better off. Operated on a not-for-profit basis, with surpluses being returned to members. To qualify for membership of Ayrshire Credit Union you need to either live in Ayrshire or work in Ayrshire. You also need to provide us with ID and Address Verification as required by all financial institutions (one for ID and the other to confirm address). Please note that for address verification all bills/statements must be no more than 3 months old. In addition a minimum deposit of £10 is required to activate your account and a minimum balance of £10 must be maintained in Share 1.

  • Superior service from helpful staff
  • Easy to deposit - in person, PayPoint or Standing Order
  • Free life insurance on Savings and Loans (Conditions Apply)
  • Responsible, ethical, affordable loans
  • Membership is ownership

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Potential members need to either live or work in Ayrshire to fulfil the “Common Bond” requirement. In addition you will need to provide us with one item each of ID and address verification and a minimum £10 deposit. See list of acceptable documents in our Frequently Asked Questions. As of 1st March 2019 a joining fee of £2 will be applied to all new accounts. The annual Membership fee of £8 will be deducted automatically: £4 on 1st April and £4 on 1st October

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